Janen on Oct. 17, 2007

In the latter part of chapter 4 and beginning of chapter 5 I introduced yet another villain. I hope you remember him and what he did to Hamza(which now has black eyes), if you're new and you actually read through the archive I am highly flattered. That scar is from when Ahrezes pierced his stomach with lightning, before the temple fell down next to the lake.

There are three main sides in the planet Embrace: the Nephilim, the organization you saw on the flying ship, and the demons. In the last panels he basically opened a gate to Hell, few have that ability, one was The Harvester back in the 2nd or 3rd chapter. Also the splash is because they're in a cliff next to the sea.

We are so very close to the end, I'm not kidding, after that I'll move the action to the second volume: Per Ardua. Thank you for your comments they really mean a lot to me.