Divinative Dreams Cover Page: Elven Sun Goddess Varyia

A Divine Paradyox on July 18, 2007

Welcome DD Fans to my online artbook another reason I haven't had a chance to put up my other two pages for my W.A.P. manga that and I just found out I'm expecting my first baby so I do apologize to my fans I'll try to have them up soon. But until then I hope you enjoy my picture of Varyia, an elven goddess I created some years back as an inspiration from the artist Prince's video, Seven. Where his ex-wife was dancing around with an oriental sword in her hair in it! Imagine that!!!

Again I hope you like the picture and I'll update my manga just as soon as my nausea calms down.

Tools use:

Photoshop CS8
Micron Pens
2B Pencil
and of course my hand LOL!!!!