Don Saviero: Issue 0.999... Cover

jercoxthealmighty on Oct. 2, 2010

So yeah. I made this for 24-hour Comic Day. I didn't really go along with any streams or anything. Just plunked myself down in front of a computer, and from 12 am October 2nd, 2010 til about 8 pm that same day, I wrote and drew away. Although the art style is somewhat similar to my comic strip, Don Josh, I designed each character from absolute scratch, as well as the backgrounds. I'd say I also experimented a bit more with the style. Trust me, if you read Don Josh, you'll notice the differences here.

In terms of its continuity-based relation to Don Josh, if that is of concern to you, it takes place in the same universe, and even at the same university, but neither has any impact on the others' plot in any way. Anyhoo, enough babbling, enjoy the fruits of my insanit— err, I mean, my improvisation!