Seabiscuit on Aug. 5, 2011

Hi everyone! It's been a while!
1) Yup thats what i look like, kind of. Sickly pale with gross dark circle under my eyes because I'm up until 5 am most nights and don't like to leave home if I can help it. Except more hideous and mirrior shattering, but I can't draw ugly people well (on purpose, that is).
2) This is ‘kinda’ what my art looks like when I try. I say ‘kind of’ because it's so hot in my room that i'd rather strangle babies than sit up here. As such, drawing is quite painful as a result, so I was in a huge rush doing this. It's really, really hot in my room. We can't hook up an AC unit for the upstairs because the circuits blow (the wiring in my house is fucked) and with regular AC the upstairs doesn't cool off. It'll be 95 F outside, and 105 F at least in my room. So I have to sleep on the couch really. I can't move myh computer and tablet downstairs because theres literally no room. So I was pretty miserable doing this page.D:
3) For those who don't know, for a cat to swallow string, its kind of a prettttty huge freaking deal. It can get wrapped around their intestines and even slice through them if left alone. The vet told us, if we'd waited to bring him in, he would have died. Besides that the surgery to remove it could have gone horribly wrong as well. Fortunately for us he came through it alright and he just got his stitches out the other day. To this day we have no idea how he got the string; we're incredibly careful of keeping spools of thread away from them. But he found it. By the time I woke up, he'd made string art of the entire living room.
4) yup the spider infestation. I dont want to talk about it. It made me sick. It was hard to even joke about it here. I was never afraid of spiders ever until this happened.
5) Yeah my computers dying I think. Welp……
6) I think, despite my speed rush doing this page (especially by the time I got around to doing the speech bubbles, I was ready to die so they ended up like crap) I've spent more effort on it than all the deys pages combined.
I think thats it.
As a side note for some reason I can't view images on  DD at all. I thought maybe it was ad block, but i've always had DD set as an exception. And I can see ads and other stuff. Just not avatars, thumbnails, or pages. Working on trying to fix that, yet.