#20 - "See ya!"

strongbad_999 on June 28, 2006

Hello reader! (Not a typo)

Boy has it been a crazy last few months. Filled with plain old apathy. School and teachers who want to kill me taking the place of DFTA here. And then there's that apathy again. For a while there, I didn't really want to do this anymore…but then summer came. And I started getting bored. And then I started wanted to do it again.

Then there were all the fun problems with my software dying, and me not being able to find the original install files (which recently happened a second time). And then there was me trying to perfect a new method of making these!

But in the end. I changed nothing. And I look foward to making feeble attempts at making you laugh in the future.

Let's see…I was supposed to mention Tina in there somewhere…and something about an apology and something about this was supposed to be done before she went to camp and etc etc. I don't really remember :P.

Peace out my homies,

PS: Happy half-anniversary to me! It's been 6 months since I started wasting my time with this. I hope you've had as much fun as I have!