French Commercial 1: Energique

baboonfan on June 21, 2009

The commercial goes something like this:


Opens on a couple of lethargic kids. They are just laying around.
Kid1: I’m too tired to move.
Kid2: I’m too tired to breathe.
Announcer: Hey kids, I know what you need to put some pep in your step!
Kids in unison: what?
Announcer: Energique! The hot new energy that runs on pure cool!
They each have some. Then they spring from the couch and run outside. They perform a series of extreme stunts. They try to dig to china, they run around the outside of the house super fast. They lift a car. Then they tackle people and kick them when they’re down.
Announcer: Energique. It’s cool! If you drink, you’ll be cool too! No, wait.. stop! How did you get in here?
Kid1: Go for his legs!
Kid2: Roaring noise.
Announcer screaming in the background, and we jump to a large screen a can of Energique.