Chapter One - Page 40

lalaland on Aug. 1, 2011

Sorry for not updating for so long. There was some real life issues and then this drunkduck layout thing. :[
I have the next 10 pages drawn and I decided to give you guys daily updates. So, hopefully this'll make up for the pages I missed (excluding this week, of course). But, warning you, they get bad. Like REALLY REALLY bad. Like, I'm-not-feigning-false-modesty bad. If you have any questions of what's going on, let me know.
But (technically now, since the pages are drawn) I'm going to take a hiatus after. I'm currently involved in a ton of projects and want to get them all taken care of. Plus, I need to start prepping for more school pressure since this is my last year before I need to transfer. 
During this hiatus, I intend to build up buffers, but to help make the wait a bit better, I've decided to put full effort into the art as well as “inking” the pages. So, basically like the first page of Doppel only with better art. xD Granted, the art still won't be amazing, since I'm still learning, but they won't be the rushed product that they currently are. ;D
Since I want a large amount of buffers, it'll probably be about 3 months before pages start getting posted again (starting today). And, I guess during this time I could spruce up the layout a bit.