Dot Dot Dot... Invisible Doors

dotdotdot on May 13, 2010

Hey All!
Hope everyone has a stellar weekend! I probably won`t because my whole life seems spent working on this comic these days!!! But whatcha gonna do? I'd rather be drawing comics that lots of other things I guess… Like digging… I hate digging! As a matter of fact I want to kick the guy who invented the shovel's ass! On that note… See y'all on Monday!

@GreenMonkey: LOL! That is damn good question… Ah, who are we kidding… there are probably blonde joke caveman paintings!!

@Ghostrunner: Hahahaha! There always seems to be one in every family!

@Peipei: Thanks Darlin'!

@FightingStranger: LOL! More like fell out of the tree!!!

@LanceDanger: True Dat!

@WTHecksicle: Cheers! Great to meet ya!

Cheers All!