4-14 Same As It Ever Was

stinger9 on March 21, 2017

Okay, done! Well, not quite, but done enough! I am so sorry yet again about the massive gaps between updates lately, but at least this little part is over, so I can feel a little less awful about the slow progress! Had planned on taking a little break again around now anyway, so guess it kind of works out.
And I finally get to show Edan slightly happier! Not that he's too convinced, but he's trusting her to at least try and keep her word.
She's actually not hurting all that bad, by their nature they're more resilient in those forms than it seems, but injuries do carry over when they shift to an extent, so she'll certainly be feeling it in the morning until it heals!
I'll try and get to work on the next part as soon as possible, I'm going to try and skip out on the initial scripting I usually try and do to speed things up a little. I do have some bare minimum done, and I more or less know how thing's will go, so I'm going to go ahead and give it a shot, scripting as I go, and just hope it works out okay!