5-14 Us Of Lesser Gods

stinger9 on Dec. 9, 2017

Am I a little late here? I feel like I may be a little late!
But, hey, I finally managed to get back to work on this! Although, it did take quite a while to get this done, I fell completely out of practice, and nothing looked right. It didn't help that I lost all my brushes, settings, etc, so trying to figure all that out was a pain. Plus having tablet issues again, I swear this computer is falling apart! So sorry for that massive delay, but latest medication seems to be doing at least a little good, so hopefully there shouldn't be several months between updates know (touch wood)!
Anyway, enough of personal issues, the page! There was actually quite a lot I was worrying about for this one, so much information I almost wanted to dump here, but I've kind of forgotten what exactly it all was now! Trying to piece together what I can, Edan isn't exactly exaggerating in that last panel, it was pretty common place back then, there's actually a whole lot of lore related to all that kind of stuff, a few side stories and the like, but we may well not get to that for some time! Tan had very, very little interaction with Irigoch, (although, he would occasionally visit their lands after ascending), but that doesn't stop it from boosting her ego (not that he'd be likely to do her much in the way of favours!)
Oh, and as for how exactly that information found itself in the hands of humans? Well, he was at least briefly in the same clan as Tan and Edan had been, and that was more than enough for the leaders there to share/boast about it during their interactions with humans! It' still not exactly common knowledge, more just the kind of thing that gets a brief mention in dusty old tomes, typically with it's fair share information getting distorted over time!
I don't really want to give away too much right now, I'm working on re-writing some stuff back into the script for this chapter, there was some stuff that really bothered me that I want to add back in!

Ah, I've droned on too long! It feels good to finally have this page done though… even if I did mess up a fair amount!