Heppy Me!~ + Comic

CutmanX on July 17, 2009

Thats Right I'm still doing this, and on my Special Day of myself no less.

for some reason people like to do nothing on their Birthday, “I” Like to make comics.

This was on stall for a while, in fact I thought of this a month ago, and I decided not to change a thing… Then I did. It was originally going to be something else but i thought this would be funnier. To be honest I wrote this on the Spot. But i think it's good for now. In fact I'm already thinking of a new comic already. But I got to get going a bit on the DA And SA pages because I've left them for a while.

So if you Care enough, I'm 18 finally. Whoopie.
From the Awesome - Steven “CutmanX” C.