Reborn on Dec. 10, 2007

This is a comic I've been working on for some time; I've been posting pages at SmackJeeves for about a year and a half, and decided to upload pages here too.

This manga is based on the game Harvest Moon 64, one of the older games in the HM series. Those of you who are familiar with the games based in Mineral Town (Back to Nature, Friends of Mineral Town, etc.) will notice some familiar faces. I want to stress one thing: although HM64 and the Mineral Town based games have the same characters (for the most part, anyway), the character's relationships and, in some cases, personalities, very greatly from the games.

This comic contains a few spoilers for the game, but nothing too drastic.

Oh yeah, the by Butterscotch part on the bottom: I go by the sn Butterscotch (or some variation) practically everywhere…except DrunkDuck. For some reason it wouldn't let me have that name, then I got confused and named myself after my comic @_@