169: Final Revelations Final

RyuuKen on April 22, 2007

WOOHOO!! 169 pages, 3 years and 2 websites later, Dream Chronicles is finally over! All I have to say is that IT FREAKIN' ROCKED!

Now it's time to give credit where credit is due!

http://www.deviantart.com for first hosting my comics. (And eventually screwing me over, leading me here.)
http://www.drunkduck.com for, of course, taking me in after my betrayal at DA. Plus, pure awesome.
http://www.feplanet.net for providing me with the initial sprite sheets I needed to get started. Unfortunately, they are no longer up, and that makes me sad. T_T
All the fine people at http://forums.nintendo.com for any and all sprites that I lacked. Special thanks go to “Banzai” and “LS” for providing those for me.

As mentioned above, both “Banzai” and “LS” for the sprites I lacked to finish.
http://kirbyoto.deviantart.com for first inspiring me to do sprite comics!
All of the people at FEPlanet.net, may you rest in peace!
http://shizuka-nix.deviantart.com for inspiring me when I felt I could do no more!
My fans on DeviantArt, as well as on DrunkDuck. Namely hs5k , Erk , and slimredninja for their continued support.
Also, double thanks to hs5k for inspiring me to do sprite editing. I still suck at it!
http://pr0stsh0cker.deviantart.com/ for his continued mockery of my comicry. Gawd I laughed so hard!

And of course, my #1 fan in all creation and of all time: RAVEN CLOUD! a.k.a. Morgan McGrath! For the motivation when I was done, the CTC when I needed energy. But most of all, for her continued interest in Dream Chronicles which spurred me onwards! You have believed in me for so long, RC. I cannot thank you enough!

Thank you friends, one and all, for your support and help throughout the years. I've had a great time creating the series and I'm amazed at how the story has unfolded from the original backbone. I'm really proud of the job I've done here, but now I must bid you all adieu.

Farewell, and may the Ileons be with you!

RyuuKen, out!