Page 20, vol. I : The Sould Seekers

Melissaviolet on Nov. 21, 2008

Big update! Scanner working, new version of gimp working, new fonts installed to Linux without assistance booya! Now I will be giving each page a very professional treatment and hopefully make each page an improvement on earlier pages! Zelia has been changing as the story progresses, the sequel is coming together and I will be including some written word (i.e. poetry) from a writing class I took last spring that was a big influence on my writing. Also Twilight has been a great inspiration, always good to see more vampire fiction out there! Love life at the moment: turbulent, weather: cloudy, I predict an increase in writing in the next few months…

Phone call from an old friend reminded me when I started this story. My life has changed radically since that time, but this story is a constant current in my life. I have sought to plan it but the words change as they go on paper. This story writes itself. I feel some things are meant to be embraced and not fought. The Goddess of Chaos is smiling over me, so I will let her have her way, for a while.