Finalists - Characters, Users, and the Big Ones

Niccea on Aug. 9, 2014

~Character Awards~
Best Protagonist

Steve from Life and Death
Mindmistress from Mindmistress
Tiziana from Tiziana
Kimber Lee from The Godstrain
Best Antagonist
This comic only had one comic that cleared the mega tie of 1 vote. (Much the same as Romance) The winner will be announced at the ceremony.
Best Supporting Character

Half Pint from B.A.S.O
Parker from Dasien
Basil from Without Moonlight
~User Awards~
Outstanding Achievement Within the Community

Most Dedicated Creator
To be announced at the Ceremony
Most Supportive Reader

 El Cid
~The Big Ones~
Best Completed Comic

Interstellar Blood Beasts
Best Overall Comic Strip

Life and Death
Modest Medusa
The KAMics
Best Coverall Story Comic

Heroes Alliance
Let the Awards Begin. Don't forget, it is not too late to volunteer. And you have extra pages, please get them in. The next month will be the slowest for this comic and I would love to have some extras to keep the fun going.