Mordechai on Aug. 8, 2008

Okay. Here's how this is going to work.

This is a comic involving stand up comedy. Anyone can join, but you will need your own jokes.

If you wish to join, then PM your sprites(you only need one pose really) And a list of jokes, mininmum of 2, and max of 5.

The jokes can be any kind, knuck knock, stories, people walking into a bar, ect. But please, be tasteful, if I deem a joke is to perverse or too insulting, then you will be denied.

Buy also, to those readers out there. Remember, they are only jokes, so dont take it seriously.

Now, as you can see the front row is currently empty. Sonic is an example of what I plan to do. If you are not a “comedian” in the comic, then you can send me a back view of your character and be placed in the front row for 10 comic strips. If no one else applies to be a member of the audience then your person shall stay there until thee row fills up and there is another applicant.

If there are any questions then please PM me.

While I await comedians, I shall do my best to write my own jokes using my previously made characters.

(I screwed up on the mike stand. Will be uniform in next comics.