Duality Chapter One: Chaos Theory - Title Page

Valtiel on March 11, 2009

Here we go. This is where I tell you that me, the guy behind FFS, has a brand spanking new comic for you to check out. Mission accomplished.

For some reason, when writing long term stories, I find it easier to be funny than when I am doing short comic strips. One-off jokes come to me sporadically, but I can always build up to a pretty decent one with a page of a screenplay, or when I am merely writing a conversation that is not meant to be funny.

Another thing I like doing is writing serious stuff, so this comic is going to be a full on series with a serious plot. Granted, I may work some comedy in here and there, but for the most part, I wouldn't expect comedy.

So here is the title page, and the first page is right after it. I won't have a set upload schedule for this one, because I honestly don't know how fast or how slow I will be able to do it once things start getting more complicated (both with the comic, and with life), but this is already more interesting to me than FFS is.