Introductions Everybody.

Syzygy on Sept. 18, 2007

Yes. This is the first page of Dude! We've been midgified! (exclamation points are necessary! They must have them!!!!) And that stupid background was annoying! Anyways, here is what you must know for future reference. Keep this joggling around in your brains:
Billy is in a picture (“professionaly taken”) with his father, sister Noel, and little sister Izzy. Note!: Mother is misssing. Because…you'll find out later.
Josh is in a picture with his brother Danny. The background is supposed to look like it was painted. PAINTED! Because…you'll find out later.
Dizzy, who is probably the craziest of them all, is in the most boring room of all, his room. Picture is taken in front of his bookshelf. Now, please, my friends, look closely at this bookshelf. It is very important. And crudely drawn. Because…you know it! You'll find out later.

Now, I love my Dude! This is the only comic that I actually pride myself in. So, I can accept criticm and all that, but please be nice. I'm fragile!

Wow…that was a lot longer than I should have let it become. Trust me. This will not always happen.