Dragon Flail

warefish on June 24, 2007

Finaly! My first proper comic has come in. Firstly, thankyou Nick for editing and putting this page up for me.
Now, I must explain to those who might be scratching their heads at this page and not understanding a word of it, the characters (Sam and Todd in this one) are playing a game based on dungeons and dragons. It will be hard to explain at the moment so i'll just say that all you need for this game are dice, character sheets, pencils, rubbers and your immagination.
I need to say one more thing though, this joke was inspired from another comic called “VG Cats”, in which a character makes a rat flail. I thought this was so funny that i started to think up some other types of flails. And then i found the dragon flail.
I like to keep my notes short so i think that would probably do.