Collaborus Triplicus.

GenDroid on Nov. 7, 2006

Whelp, a couple of weeks since “a field aflame”, I think, so this update will veritably wet your veritable appetites..
This episode's script was written by Nick (FungusMule), so blame him. By the way, if you've been craving for some more Dusko, check out the Dusko Sketches; I've been updating those quite a bit, so there's about 14 or so on there.
Any other news? Hmmm. I suppose I should mention that there may be a “Dusko type Podcast thing” in the works, which involves me and Nick getting together and talking, which is pretty funny, if you're into that sort of thing.
Yep, so keep your chin up, and if you stick around, you might get to read BLOOD FEUD. I'll say nothing more about that, but it is a rockin' arc, to say the least.
Alright, until next time,