Shirker on May 17, 2011

Sorry for not posting in the past 2 days. Monday I didn't have time and Tuesday I was off due to personal issues. I'm better now, though.
Takumo's sister makes a daring statement and also gives Moshi a very odd demand.

It took quite a while, but it looks like chapter 6 is finally complete. This was the most frustrating chapter to put out due to its length and my laziness, but all the same I hope you enjoyed my first dive into a scene like this.

Next chapter will be ELEMENTS's first official fight scene. YAY! This means that I wanna make sure I get the art and composition looking as good as I can (I'm even thinking of storyboarding). As such, I'm gonna be taking a break and will be back a week from Tuesday with a new (and more manageable) schedule.

See you guys on the 31st!