Newspost and teaser!

Udyr on May 13, 2017

First of all I want to thank everyone for being so patient.
As a honest post, the past months has been living hell, I've been living on my toesbecause of my livingsituation being completely unbearable, It triggered me into a very bad state where I've thought my agrophobia and depression glared up pretty badly up to a point I had to be watched over for not doing ‘anything stupid’. Even comics, which are usually my biggest motivation, felt bland and meaningless. The fact I also got ADHD meant this also made it almost impossible to sit down as it got worse with the situation.
Luckily things are better now, I've gotten into an art school and I've moved in with my boyfriend.
Since then I've spent some time practicing exams and working on the next chapters. It is about 6 pages left of the current chapter, and i've scetched out the next pages, Im just waiting for my computer to arrive somewhere at the end of this month.
Meanwhile I stole my boyfriend's tablet and colored this (done with ink) and it felt good to actually do something proper comic related in colors for once.
This could work as a teaser since its a scene taken out from my scetches, the context will be explained later but you can pretty much see whats going on. WHOS WATCHING THAT STOPID HUMON?!

Anyway this is the last post I do before I start updating again, I got no proper date yet since im not sure when my stuff arrives but sometime this month! (Also I got math exams soon wish me luck!).