Updates- re: artist comments

Udyr on Nov. 11, 2017

I've currently not been updating the past weeks, this with a reason:

I spent a few weeks with the flu, the next working on a project in school (you can see it on my instagram #linnzstagram ….pun intended) and then after I spent the next week struggling with depression and anxiousity, so my drawing has suffered big time because of it.
Whoever said that a depressed artist makes the best art is totally lying- when you're depressed its hard to find much joy in anything, even drawing.
Often i tend to draw on those days and forget about it but when it actually gets in the way of my enjoyment to draw its pretty damn serious in my case!
Luckily its getting better and i've gotten help, so i have gotten back to find love for drawing again.

I am working on the next page at the moment so there is an upcoming update during the next few days, It might be unessecary but i still like to announce whenever there has been silence for more than x period of time. S'just just how I am.

Meanwhile I'm also back at blogging, you can follow the blog at

Thank you alot for following the comic, i am also very happy for whatever feedbacks i recieve- it helps me alot!