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angry_black_guy on Oct. 9, 2007

This page was 2 months in the making :D

I never did buy a new stylus, but I put this comic to the side because I wanted to reevaluate it. This is my first webcomic… as well as my first DIGITAL comic and in all honesty I'm not too proud. I suck at digital coloring and feel that if I hand drew this, it would turn out better (the characters are actually hand inked outlines with digital colors but I suck at scanning and messing with photoshop to color). I don't understand how it works, but I'm more meticulous and careful when I have a piece of paper in front of me when compared to a computer screen.

The next page is thankfully a splash panel, so I think it's safe to try something different. I won't abandon this, but the style of art may drastically change although I'll be looking at photoshop tutorials and such to try and prevent that as much as possible. I want to be good in all fields, not just hand drawing.

You won't see these two bullies for a while so I tried not to introduce their names (although Scrib the Troll speaks in the 3rd person so that can't be helped).

Updates will be coming more frequently now. Hopefully atleast twice a week.