A Day In The City, Pg.1 of 3

Abt_Nihil on Feb. 5, 2008

This was written/drawn for a contest which was held by the city of Munich for its annual “Comicfest”. That's why this comic isn't that much of an embarrassment for me either (watch this space for some true embarrassments!), except that the lettering is tough to read! Which may be why I didn't win anything T__T

Pencil & ink on DIN A3 paper, August 2000.


JustNoPoint: Thanks a lot! Well, I don't remember how many prizes were given away (most likely the best three each received one), but I do remember that the grand prize winner obviously used Photoshop ;-) You see, back in the day I had only paper and ink/pens to work with. The winner told a pretty simple 3-pager about a future boy going to school, fighting some monsters on the way. But the comic looked very professional, which mine obviously didn't.

Why did you stop drawing?

Terminal: Thanks a lot, I'll have to check it out if I ever get to LA!