Ego: Page 2

FinleySharpe on March 6, 2009

Full frontal nudity, oh gosh!

I think I re-did this page about six or seven times because I really wasn't happy with how I did the first page. This is a lot messier, but it feels natural. No, it doesn't have color. That's because I suck at using color. A lot. The first page is my best effort at color.

I hope it doesn't just look lazy to anybody, because I like the look of it a lot. Constructive criticism is always welcome, though. Third page hopefully coming a lot sooner than the second page did, especially now that I've settled on doing them this way.

Anyways, I apologize if anybody is offended at the blurry and muddled up male genitals. I tried to draw them as messy as I could without having to resort to lame censor tricks.