#1340 Holy Matrimony: One Love

Inkmonkey on June 1, 2008

Edit: Due to coding problems, click here to see the finished animation
God, has it really been five years? Who knew that it would take so long…

Well, here it is. The last hurrah. This is actually my very first Flash Animation. For an experienced Flasher something of this complexity may only take a week, but trying to learn Flash while finishing up a ton of art for college ended up stretching this project to about 8 months. I know a few months in a few people were clamoring for anything to be updated, but after such a long wait I'd feel guilty putting up anything less than what you've got above.

But yes, this is the end of the Elijah and Azuu webcomic. That's not to say that Elijah and Azuu, just that this website won't be updating. In fact, you can even find an Elijah and Azuu story in Drunk Duck Vol. 3. I'm bound to do more with the characters as the years go by, but right now I'm focusing on getting paying work in the art field, and I don't think I can do that and focus on the comic like I would have to.

Anyway, there's not much to say that isn't already in the video. I hope to see you all again soon.

–Shane “Inkmonkey” Woodis