EW08-04 March With Pride

joe5art on Oct. 24, 2014

This Sunday, 10-26-14, at the IE Zine Fest in Redlands there is going to be a reading of Elsewhere at about 3:20!!! I'm not sure exactly how to do a proper reading of a comic but I'm sure to come up with something! Come Join the Fun. The Redlands Art Association has something going on at the same time.
Just finished working on a little Halloween treat for all of you it will post at webcomicunderdogs.com and my site as well. You lucky readers!
The last batch of College Elsewhere to post before the end of the month. Over 100 strips that ran most of my time at college. There is for one more surprise I'll tell you about there.
BIG NEWS!!! Guess who is going to be in the First Comic Underdog Calendar! That's right Butch and Walter are slated to be Miss August! These will be printed and for sale on line. I will post details when I have them.
That's right just assume I am brilliant and follow along. ALSO Elsewhere NEEDS 4 more subscribers to move up in on the sites search engine. Please consider subscribing, it just takes a couple clicks. Contact me about books of sketches or other. I am taking in outside work. I hope to have more good news soon.