Chapter 1...

Ironscarf on Jan. 24, 2010

Another cover?! I decided to give each chapter it's own cover in this kind of movie poster themed style, but there'll be no more covers for another twenty something pages: actual comic pages coming next and thanks for hanging on in there.

Since we've got a bit of a movie theme going, let's have a proper long list of thank yous and thank yous all for waiting so long! Until we meet again…

ozoneocean: thanks - that colour has become a bit of a signature of mine. It probably has some deep psychological significance, or maybe it's because my Dunlop plectrums are that colour.

skoolmunkee: that's high praise - if I'm going to live up to it I'd better spend longer on these pages!

DAJB: I hope you'll enjoy it - I don't plan on biting the dust just yet!

Hippie Van: Hey look everyone - a brightly coloured van!

lastcall: Thanks for stopping by.:)

TheMidge28: Thanks Midge - hope things are going ok.

Jules: Hello again!:)

skreem: Thanks.:)

TheFlyingGreenMonkey: Thanks - I said the same thing when I saw that hat!

Futon: Thanks - I'm hoping promise turns into a good read.

repoman: Cheers - she arrived in my sketch book about ten years ago and I've been trying to work out why ever since!

mattchee: Thanks for the compliment.:)

Chernobog: Thanks - I'm hoping to keep it that way. Let me know if it get's too dull!

I Am The 1337 Master: Much appreciated - it's kind of starting now! The upside is, admins never give 3's.

parkbenchbook: Thank you - that's the look I'm after but curiously, I couldn't get on too well with paint-specific programs. I've ended up using Gimp and on that Coming Soon page, a bit of Open Canvas. They've allowed me to carry my paint training over to digital, without imposing their own built in paintyness, if that makes sense.

harkovast: Thanks. It's a by product of leaving one page up for a long time. A very long time!