Chapter1 P6

Ironscarf on April 3, 2011

Hello again and welcome to chez Emily, which is based on a real house, but one I've never seen inside. I spent far too long designing the interior layout of this place, but it's not even three weeks since the last update! :O Hang on tight, it's going to be a bumpy ride! Well, not that bumpy, but subject to gentle movement at least.

Thanks for reading (comments answered on the previous page) and I hope you're enjoying the streamlined art style: things start to happen soon, action and so forth. I'm quite happy to sit around drawing girls all day, but I know some of you like your conflict and plots and stuff like that!

Update: May 9th
Very sorry to say the page I was about ready to update has been lost, partly due to PaintToolSai and partly to my own stupidity. This means I have to start over and the next page will be delayed; I'll do my best to get it out as soon as possible. :(