Aussie_kid on May 30, 2008

An update. Are you all excited? Don't be, because this is the second-last page. I'll put up an epilogue next week when I can think of how to wrap everything up, then some credits and then that'll be it. 150 pages of EtD3. 350 pages of Enter the Duck total.

When I originally wrote out this story, it was supposed to go on for at least three years, ending on New Years Eve 2010. The problem with that is, it's just gotten so boring. I was getting into the meat of the drama and then it just lost its charm. And now I was getting back into the action and comedy type stuff, but I think the slow pages just were not meant to be. So sorry to all of you who wish it could continue, but then it would just be a chore and my heart wouldn't be in it. And yes, I have talked to Rokas about this and he agrees.

All in all, it's been fun. I read over EtD2 sometimes and wish I made it longer, since I was always so eager to do that one, but what's done is done and it's good how it is. As for the revised completely drawn version I said was going to be made? Well, I do still have some scripts written up, but that won't be happening for quite some time.

So goodbye EtD. If you want to see more from me and Rokas, go check out Age of Ends. If you just like sprites, go to Golden Gamers. If you hate sprites, check out Warriors of the Night.

Until next time
The Aussie Kid