Friday, October 10, 2014

phoenyxashe on Oct. 10, 2014

As you might have noticed, there was no page on Monday.  The major
reason for this was me being sick.  This entire week has pretty much
been spent in col-induced fog. 
In the few moments when the
medications have been in full effect, however, I realized two things:
The upcoming pages are going to be very time-consuming to build, and
HOLY %&$%$&!!! It's October already.
October and November
are typically very busy months for me to begin with.  I have MileHiCon
near the end of the month, and November is pretty much Holiday Craft
Fair Month.  And because I'm a horrible procrastinator, that means I'm
typically spending several hours a day building up the polymer clay
sculptures that I sell at both conventions and fairs.  This is
important, since for some bizarre reason, these are also the months the
family is typically most strapped for funds.
So I made a
decision.  For the months of October and November, I will only be
updating on Fridays.  This way the comic will still keep going, and I
won't be tearing my hair out trying to balance between it and my
sculpts.  In December, I will go back to posting on Mondays as well.
Thank you,