#1 - David and Amy

Eternity on Aug. 9, 2006

Yay me! I made my first sprite comic all by myself! (Okay, Aussie was standing behind me and he help me pick out the backgrounds, but I still made it)

Okay, a few things you guys have to know. Even though I've done a few EtD pages, I've never done a full sprite comic by myself. Aussie said he's gonna help me make more tomorrow ‘cause we both have days off and I need establishment, but then I’m kinda on my own

I just hope you all enjoy what I come up with and don't think I'm just a worthless bitch. If you do, I get sad. Then Aussie gives me a hug to make me stop being sad. Then we bang. Actually, go ahead and call me a worthless bitch, I see an upside to it now

'Kay, hope you enjoy

Love Eternity