#2 - Julia

Eternity on Aug. 9, 2006

The intro of Julia. She's my neighbour and our parents have been trying to make us friends since I moved here. Problem is, she's a bitch. Girl pisses me off and she acts like we're really close friends and shit, saying I'm neglectful because I hang out with David more than her. Yes, I like hanging out with my boyfriend more than some bitch who brags about her 21-year-old casual fuck buddy with 8 inches in his trousers

Any way, this comic is based on a real convo. Not telling you how big, but David is bigger than some one of his stature would normally be. He used to think he was tiny actually (Don't know why. I set him straight though)

Well, enough gossip. Time for me to go to bed. Even though it's only 10:00pm where I am, I didn't wake up until about noon today and I could sleep in as long as I wanted since I have pupil free tomorrow. For those of you curious, read today's EtD2 rant. Aussie's place empty, will be for ages and I'm at the time when my libido goes into overdrive.

Love Eternity