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Zarya on July 22, 2011

Hi Everyone!
I've been away from Drunk Duck (The Duck?) for about four years now due to school, but that did give me time to work on the story of Eternity Complex, even if I didn't draw. I started this story over five years ago and started the first version of the comic about five years ago. You can even find the old version, with the same name, on Drunk Duck, but please be warned it contains spoilers among other things.
I started up this version about a year ago (with a 6 month hiatus) and put it on its own site over at drawnpaper.com/comic. Now that I'm comfortable with the number of pages currently completed, I'm slowly starting to branch out and advertise Eternity Complex's rebirth to the world (wide web). Drunk Duck is my first real step in increasing exposure for my story because I remeber the people here being very nice and helpful.
Hope you enjoy the story!