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Zarya on Nov. 2, 2012

Enya and Adrik are so use to picking what they wear for purely aesthetic reasons (to not draw too much unwanted attention) that they forget that clothes serve an actual functional purpose to anyone who actually is bothered by the elements. It doesn’t help that as Hopes age their physical bodies become a lot less impacted by many things including weather and fatigue and so traveling with Zel, Fae’s Aunt Shelley, was much simpler than traveling with Fae. But that’s not an excuse for the rudeness.

Enya sometimes forgets that she’s supposed to keep up the pretense that the physical realities of life don’t affect her but in truth keeping up her current appearance takes a lot of her energy and concentration. She’s got a massive headache and is extremely exhausted at the moment but will only show small signs of that on this page and one of the last pages of the chapter. She’s had millenniums to learn how to keep up her pretenses.  I try to show that her appearance subtly changes when she goes into her full glowing state because she does have to shift some of her concentration off of keeping up her physical appearance but I’m pretty sure my art’s not quite there, yet.