10 01

Zarya on June 19, 2013

Three things I'm working hard at improving while working on this
chapter are perspective, dynamic poses, and character body types. All
start out a bit rough but I feel like I'm finally starting to better
understand perspective (dynamic poses and body types show up a bit
later). Not that this page really shows what I've learned about
perspective drawing. I've made a lot of mistakes in that first panel
while trying and failing at perspective but all the mistakes helped me
to understand everything that I've been doing wrong (pushed me to seek
out a ton of tutorials). I realized the full lack of my perspective
knowledge when attempting to line the tiles up with the walls. The tile
floor is one large pattern I made to theoretically cut down on the time
it would take to draw the floor over the first several pages of this
chapter. That plan did not work out as well as it could have. Hope you
enjoy the chapter!