Chapter 1 - Cover

rococo on Nov. 19, 2006

This is going to act as both the chapter cover and a splash page for a little while! ^-^ I'm going to start updating weekly (probably twice a week, maybe Wednesdays and Sundays) as soon as I've got about a month's pages ready and stocked up … I've got five at the moment, so not long to go! *wiggle*~

Hurm, character introduction? Okay! This is Lace, or “Laci” as she prefers to be known. She's one of the four main main characters in this series, “Ether” - the only real female lead - and the opening main character in this chapter. She's normally very bubbly and chipper, but gets anxious and nervy easily, and can be quite clingy and dependent upon others quite often … two specific examples will be introduced very soon. ^_^ She's less hand-to-forehead-swoon then she appears to be here, generally! o.o;

Anyway. Splash page. Shall update soon. Enjoy! X3