Chapter 3: Page 23

allanah on Aug. 28, 2011

Um.. hello, I am back again.
I'm off work, got a new computer and tablet and watching more of those Japanese movies that inspired this comic so I wanted to work on it again. Here it is.
Short answer for my absence is my computer broke, and by the time I got a new one I was settled into a difficult job and had no time. Ahh~

Anyway, I miss you all!
Here's a short recap for people who forgot what happens.

Marissa's best friend Angela has relapse with leukemia and is in a children's hospital with 5 other children with different personalities and diagnoses. Adrian has just finished telling her he has a brain tumour and it is making him go blind which he thinks is worse then death. Now she feels depressed and moves the conversation along….

I'll try to stick around for awhile now. I have a back log of pages from before my computer broke, and I'm currently watching a Japanese show again which will keep me inspired hopefully.
Welcome to any new readers and welcome back and thank you to any of my regulars! :D ~hugs~