Chapter 3: Page 24

allanah on Sept. 1, 2011

~Update: Fixed the small text~

I've done nothing this week but work on Ethereal in some way or form. I'm really inspired. This is Maria. She is a very complicated character. I was going over the story this week and remembered how nasty she can be. Haha. Ethereal's first antogonist (human one). She does move the story along and I like having her around with Arcadies, but jeez. Oh well, not everyone can be like Angela, which is what I wanted to show with her. I think most people would be a little grumpy in this position, right? People shouldn't feel bad if they can't be positive all the time. We all need a break sometimes, right?
Anyway, thanks for coming back! I missed you all! September is childhood cancer awareness month. I'd like to do something special for it. I wonder what?