001 - Bad ideas

Roar Comics on April 10, 2011

Never check out of an intergalactc battle before it's over, kids.

The Kraivex Armada, your local “Evil Empire” has waged a battle across Known Space against the Militak, the Ism, and the Omnocracy; the three galactic ‘superpowers’ who basically run your lives whether you know it or not.

In the midst of the hectic campaign, Draxis Beethoven, a low level grunt in the security section of the Kraivex dreadnaught class warship, the Armagnarokalypse, decides that he and a few other low-level grunts could use a vacation.
With a bit of fast talking and a promise to buy the first 3 rounds, he persuades a gaggle of his shipmates to ‘commandeer’ a scoutship from the hangar bay, and zip down to the starsystem the Armagnarokalypse was passing to find refreshments. One long, relaxing night of drunken debauchery later, the crew left the charming galactic tavern that was their final stop, and picked up the ion trail of their warship. Unfortunately, of their two helmsmen, one, Finnegan Block, an earthman, who had never sampled the exotic wines and spices from some of the more “Outer Rim” portions of the galaxy was violently ill, and would not leave the lavatory. The other helmsman, one Myles “WrongWay” Japhsen, a martian from Mars' Earth colony of Kalyphornia, was an excellent driver… when sober. When drunk, he was a reckless daredevil who loved a challenge. Just then, he, in his inebriated state, thought that playing ‘chicken’ with what he thought was a black hole was a good idea. He was wrong.
Luckliy for all aboard, what the martian was seeing through his blurred, drunken vision was actually a temporal wormhole.

Before anyone could stop him, “Wrong Way” plunged the scout ship into the anomaly. everyone survived, but they'd emerged clear on the other side of the galaxy… 7 years later.
No time had passed for the drunken misfit crew, but the galaxy had been moving right along for the better part of a decade.
The war between the Kraivex and the 3 superpowers had ended… and the Kraivex lost.
Many of the Kraivex forces had been jailed and/or executed. Their weapons and ships had been impounded. Their secrets extracted. Their leader, Xailenrath Kraivex, was locked away in a Militak gulag in a secret location.

The small crew were the last of their kind in Freespace.
Though the Kraivex were technically the ‘Bad Guys’, they were the only family some of the small crew had known, and they believed in what they were doing. With nowhere else to go, and no one to turn to, the small band of misfits decided that they would keep the Kraivex creed alive. All they would need is equipment, crew, resources, connections, cash, weaponry and to navigate their way through known space without garnering the attention of the Omnocracy, the Ism, or, especially the Militak before gaining some kind of strength and backing… y'know, no big deal.