Chapter Three, Page 07

Rennakins on May 11, 2013

Hey everyone, I just moved to a new apartment last week with my fiance. :) I'm settled in now so here's a new comic page!
@antlan87: A little bit of column A, a little bit of column B. :P
@geneseepaws: He's referring to the cultural contact program. Raekorrika is not a bug haha.. most of the life forms I've made are pretty human looking, with a couple adaptations.
@crazy_goodfellow: Good thing too, because Zadia's not sticking to her lessons…
@Nero Angelo: But of course! I've recycled these characters from a story I wrote in 2001 or so, back when I was in middle school. In the original story, Zadia and Rae first met when Rae pulled on Zadia's hair because she liked the color. Not much has changed. :P