Chapter Three, Page 03

Rennakins on Nov. 21, 2012

@geneseepaws: Glad as always to see you're enjoying it. :) I try to add the obvious increase in technology but I don't want it to be overbearing to the point where I have to explain everything, because that will just detract from the character time and development. :)
@Luccia: She's just nervous. First time leaving her planet!
@antlan87: The big planet is actually habitable, it's the planet Ile which is where they are heading. It kinda looks like a lifeless moon thanks to all of the filters I use, but it's got rivers and streams and is mostly habitable. The two other planets seen are actually moons of the larger planet. The one behind Ile is Makasti, where Zadia's enemies are obviously from, and the orange/blue planet is Zadia's home planet - which is actually a moon. :P
@crazy_goodfellow: She has a major disadvantage knowing virtually nothing about the universe outside of her own planet. I imagine she learned some in the Coren camps but how much can you really learn in four years? I actually kind of think about it the same way I think about Harry Potter having grown up in the muggle world and having a disadvantage against the kids who grew up in the wizarding world.
@Nero Angelo: Thank you~~~ :)