The Start of FHCI

Chimon on Dec. 25, 2010

If anyone is wondering, FHCI is the acronym for my school, and since 90% of the characters will be related to my school life I figured that might as well be the name of the comic.

Just to let everyone know: If I put you in my comic and you complain how I draw you then you will be mocked. But if you complain about the lines I give you that's fine as I try to make the characters say what the original would say in that situation. You will only be mocked a little bit. By that I mean as much as I see fit.

By the way, I have a habit of spamming the comics of people I know, as well as my own. I will try to refrain, but since this is my first comic, I will be spamming for celebratory purposes. So a warning to everyone, this first page will be spammed.
Merry boxing day. :D