FAINTING SPELLS, VOLUME 1 : Follow the Butterfly

Biev on July 14, 2007

I started Fainting Spells in May 2006. As I'm writing this, it's a year later, and I'm quite amazed how how this project has grown. It started out as a quick 1 hour a day drawing practice and it evolved into a proper fairy tale and art experiment. I plan on eventually redoing the first three chapters before the book is released - which should be sometime in 2009, if everything goes well.

This is the main site for Fainting Spells : http://www.biev.net/faintingspells
That is where you'll find all the little extras that I couldn't figure out how to upload on here ^.^;;

Anyway, I'll let you start reading now. Thank you for the support!

~ Biev