Chapter 6 page 8

Darth Mongoose on Jan. 13, 2009

Aaaand we're back. I hope you're having a good 2009, everybody!
Here's a rather subdued page. Ohnoes, how will we cope without a gag!? Aaaagh!
Is Sarin about to do something useful for a change!?
Favourite panel is possibly the last one, mainly because I've been looking forward to drawing that panel where Sarin does the pose that references a favourite FMV from Final Fantasy X in which Auron flips his bare arm out of his yukata in an incredibly badass way.
I always imagine that support knights are a bit like bards or clerics in RPGs, like a class that most people just look at as a walking buff/heal machine, but I really like playing that kind of class because they're so versatile, and in the right situation, very dangerous. It'd be a lot of fun to make an RPG based on FanDanGo knights sometime.
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