Cover # Fantasy war

Midnightmoon on Oct. 4, 2010

And there coming more and more sprite comics! Yeah, mario and luigi are not done yet! There is a huge adventure waiting for them!
But then, with a huge fantasy!
After I saw how good sprite comics can be, I also wanted to start a sprite comic! I had already read a few, and got more inspiration. And now he is born of inspiration

How should I describe this comic?
It's a random comic so it is serious but with humor. Only I did in my imagination, famous pergonages will remain, but enemies pergonages get suddenly a whole different role!

Credit to:
So, i like comments and stuff, so, Enjoy

This is my first sprite comic - also i wanted to know how a sprite comic is to make and, you know what i mean - so, don't be rude! Advice and tips you can leave in your comments :)! I will be able to read it en to use them in my next pages!