08-13: Meet at...

iagojester on Nov. 5, 2011

Hawke is magic!  She has ESP!
…or she's met Wolfe in NY somewhere before and knows he's a sucker for tradition.
If I was Yote, I definitley would have not been happy about relaying such a message to such an angry lady.

I drew half of this page in a coffee shop that I loved in college, in the same spot I used to sit 5 years ago- a wobbly bar stool at a copper counter. I hadn't been there in years, having lived out of state, but I was up north in Fort Collins, so I got a chance to go and get the best chai in the west.  I really didn't expect the shop to be there… it's a hole in the wall in an alley- completely invisible from the street, so only students “in the know” knew it existed. I probably wound up there twice a week minimum, but my Japanese study groups had me there every night sometimes.
I was happy to see it booming with business, but without the conformity that usually follows financial sucess. Almost nothing had changed.  Better yet- the four ceiling tiles I had painted in college were still there!  Talk about leaving pieces of yourself behind!  
If you go to the Alley Cat http://www.alleycatcoffeehouse.com/about/ “About” page, you can see two of my ceiling panels. They're the long ones against the window- Mucha inspired!
Anyway- that's a lot of explaining for a little backstory that has nothing to do with the plot.  =)
However, if you're ever in Fort Collins, Colorado, check out Alley Cat Cafe!  And do order a chai!