01.01 - Page 1

Nepath on Dec. 10, 2007

Pestilence - Page 1

The first page of Fearless!!! All previous comments have been responded to and thanks for reading!

I can't guarentee an update as quick as this everytime but as I was starting the comic new, I did thought it only fair to load in the first page pronto.

For those that read Energize it's worth noting that this comic is in the same continuity as Energize but takes place AFTER the events of the Energize story (nothing major but it will make sense later)…for those that don't read Energize (you should!) it has no real relevance to the story and you can enjoy it nonetheless.

This is intended to run for 6 issues but although it follows one single plotline, each issue will be a self contained adventure.

Anyway, enough babble…i hope you enjoy the comic.