The moose---er muse is flowing

Xade on Feb. 23, 2009

Well, I've been hit with long bouts of story writing. Day's on end I've been doing nothing but write. This morning I got the idea to post this funny picture. Muse and moose sound the same, I was grumbling about it then suddenly I thought of a dancing moose and it all just fell into place. I got all the models (besides the plane, which is a primitive) from an old friend of mine who passed away. It was the only toon building set I have that fit in with the moose. It's actually a civic center but eh it works. I'm gonna chop off his horns and re rig them so I can use them on my models, I need to keep the population varied, ya know.

I'm thankful I got I got most of the main characters done, besides Alexis's dragon form, before he hit me, so I am still ahead of schedule. If the moose would quit flowing long enough then I could work on the little Alexis piece I have planned to get her out of the cameo caper. It's only 4 or 5 pages, which will be posted with no day break between them so we're caught up. They will be done ahead of time :P Then we'll get back to Alex.

Anyone got any good looking furniture, small things (like cups and silverware) and knickknack objs they wouldnt mind sharing? I can also handle google sketchup files, if that's what you got. Any contributors should include their DD name in the file name for link back should I use them. I'll import them in Daz if I like it and include it in the IOX runtime I am compiling. They can be plain, well textured or even extreme detail. pwToon doesnt care, it will render almost anything in a toon style.

Aired on IOX: Feb 19, 2009


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By the way, I've got a 3d spoon I made once for an unfinished animated short. If you're interested I can PQ you with a download link.
-Posted on Feb 19, 2009

User: Hogan 5

This is… eeeerie! O.o
-Posted on Feb 19, 2009

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cute :)
-Posted on Feb 19, 2009

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-Posted on Feb 19, 2009