Number Four

Pyrokenetic on March 15, 2007

Zephyr_light Said: ._. … Completely a production of Pyro's screwed up mind.
1) Thief's using axes. WTH?
2) BM's gay. WTH? (Actually, I kinda thought that up. Heheh…)
3) I don't know why BM takes his staff out in the last panel, That was Pyro's fault, She places the sprites.

Pyrokenetic Said: Don't try to blame it all on me! Besides, youlet me have free range of the sprite placing and script even when youknow what I can do…

1)Of course Thief uses axes, she kicks the most but that way. *shrug* If I could make a decent dual wielding sprite of her she'd have two of ‘em.

2)…I have nothing really to say about this one really. >.>

3) BM likes to blow stuff up…so I really don’t know why I had him pull out a weapon. -_- So if he mysteriously looses his weapon in the next one don't worry, I'm just fixing my mistake. ^.^