Track 1: Drive

Stellar on Feb. 14, 2009

So, when you grow up behind closed doors listening to rock, playing too many video games, with a knack for drawing, while going in circles making best friends only to see each one ripped or pushed out of your life in upsetting ways. Have roots of a lack of balance between your separated parents. On your custodial father's end, you grow accustomed to neglect through a lack of emotion, passing time in the aforementioned fantasy little world. While when you visit your mother you feel overwhelmed with an abundance of emotions and attention that you're not use to, in turn making you wonder why the only stable things in your life are music and video games. You end up sifting through twenty or so years of life to finally loose your mind and force something meaningful through the only things you're somewhat decent at. Hoping, at the least, to quell an endless feeling of being lost, to connect with people, to be part of something, and just possibly finish one thing before you die.